Why Safety Tunes?

In 2014 around 4.000 young people in the age of 15-24 died on European streets. This is the reason why Safety Tunes will focus on the target group of young road users - cyclists, moped-riders, motor-cyclists and car-drivers from 15-24 years.

European Road Safety Tunes:

Saftey Tunes provides innovative Road safety actions for a new generation of young drivers: Safety Tunes strikes new paths in creating awareness about responsibility on the road. The project develops new methodology that incorporates social-art, peer-education, emotion and social media.

More Safety tunes teams will be active in 8 European countries, implementing workshops in vocational schools. The goal is to address young people on an emotional level, in order to create a sustainable awareness for life affirming and responsible behavior on the road. The general outcome should be to improve road safety by reducing young accidents, injuries and fatalities of young drivers by raising awareness for a responsible and social behavior in traffic.

Besides imparting facts and figures on road safety issues, the focus of the workshops is to create own statements and messages to road safety issues. From peer to peer, for a long save life on the roads.

TUNE In INTO Safety Tunes

You want create awareness among young people and be part of this new movement? All detailed information’s and contact details to your country can be found here. Get in touch with us and tune in into safety tunes!

In Austria and Belgium the project continues from 2017 to 2018 and is co-financied by Erasmus+

From 2015 to 2017 the project "European Road Safety Tunes" was co-financed by the European Commission - Directorate General for Mobility and Transport.