During the past years, many road accident prevention units have been implemented in European secondary schools. Moreover, risk management is often taught in a cognitive way by showing facts and figures. But research suggests that a more emotive transfer of social know-how is by far more effective. Emotional and creative methods can trigger a feeling of happiness and hence the learned experiences are more memorable.

The “Safety Tunes” methodology intends to transfer Road Safety know-how through peers in an emotive way by utilising “tunes”. These tunes convey sentiments, like enjoyment, harmony, conscience and vibrations framed within creative arts (music, painting, writing…). Emotive know-how transfer, peer-education and measures that are highly accepted by the target group, proved to be successful in changing attitudes and behaviour.

The Safety Tunes methodology combines a peer approach, an emotive know-how transfer and social art with road safety. Reaching the emotional level as well as learning from a peer, whose messages are more accepted then appeals made by institutions have proven to be successful in changing attitudes and behavior.

A Safety Tunes team will guide student-groups from different schools regarding choice of theme and message, development of their social-art output and dissemination towards peers and social media. The Safety Tunes team consist of road safety experts (consortium-partners), artists, teachers, social workers, students, etc.